2018 overview

Comptoir Suisse

98th edition (2017)

  • 15th – 24th September
  • 108’000 visitors (7.4% increase)
  • 40’000m2
  • 450 exhibitors
  • Le Lab ~5’000m2

99th edition (2018)

  • 14th – 23rd September
  • 120’000 visitors Expected
  • 40’000m2
  • 450 exhibitors
  • Le Lab ~ 10’000m2
Live Music
Enjoy live music in the garden while eating a traditional Swiss raclette
Street Food
Discover the new food trends and our region's most creative cooks
Food and Beverages
Discover the secrets of traditional Swiss food and beverages and more over 8000m2
The biggest ephemeral farm in Switzerland

Our mission

  • Popularize Innovation targeting the grand public
  • Promote today’s Swiss players of the innovation sector
  • Offer a platform for education, initiations and research
  • Design synergies between institutions and the private sector
  • Be a bridge between governmental actions and citizens awareness
  • Present entertaining animations using cutting edge technology
  • Create a technophiles’ dream store
  • Build an investment platform dedicated to Swiss tech

Créateur de synergies

Opticale the game

During 2017 edition Le Lab and the Swiss game Opticale have decided to bring the AR game to the real world with a treasure hunt in the fair. Le Lab organized the Android’s version launch of  of the game Opticale by our Swiss Chancellor Guy Parmelin

VR HTC Video Game

For the promotion of Swiss Pioneers mission le Lab has created a HTC VIVE VR Game.

Together with the Swiss Pioneers Le Lab has worked on the development of a live marketing strategy with a one to one solution for events where pioneers help is requested such as music festival or cultural events.

Project Athena 360 Video

In 2016, le Lab has producted two 360 videos for the civilian protection services (fire, police, sanitarian and pioneers) resulting by a website that gathered 80’000 visitors in 6 weeks



During the 2016 edition, the startup Technis exposed a connected carpet dedicated to sport flooring. The young company decided during the fair to spin-off their technology and programmed on the spot a visitors counting carpet solution, that we have set up under the main gate. In 2017, Technis counting product were installed at all lab entrances, allowing the compilation of data and giving invaluable analytics. During the 2017 fair the Lab has asked Technis to jump on another adventure, the implementation of Technis carpet as triggers for an interactive LED installation. Stepping in the world of scenography, today Technis is also exploring this vertical and together with the Lab is able to offer great event solutions to their clients.

We are happy to follow Technis on their road to success.


In 2016 Joe Levy is recruited by “Le Lab” in roder to organize and deliver innovation workshops. Additionally, he was asked to produced a VR simulation game for “La Protection Civile du Canton Vaud”
After successfully completing the tasks, Cinedit VA GmbH was funded in order to exclusively develop VR simulations and analyze CCTV images for the public safety sector.
Today Cinedit created and launched its own deep learning algorithms that can detect terrorist attacks. Their product named Vantage Systems is currently deployed in Israel and is available for smart cities.
Since then, Cinedit also became the VR backbone of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Any facility, office, exhibition can be captured with a 360° video camera and delivered as an interactive visual visit with the TotalYmage application.

Businesses can create multimedia contents (photo, video, pdf, website, distant command URL) in the 360° images through a unique variety of tools (immersive navigation, teleportation by theme, by location, operational boards, interactive contents management), and share these 360° interactive environments on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, VR/AR).

Enterprises showcase their facilities and products to their clients, partners and employees on any device; and perform daily internal tasks such as training, reporting, operations and maintenance tasks.

Improving their digital marketing & sales, as well as operational efficiency.

Both on premises and SaaS usage are available.

Beyond 360° video, immersion + interactivity!


David Granite
Product Manager
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